A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made in 48 hours by @foolmoron for Ludum Dare 44. Uses the new ECS and Unity Physics systems to run thousands of entities at once!

Grow little bundles of cash together into a bunch of money. Try to cover the world with as much of your money babies as you can! Or just play around with the items and the planetary physics.

CLICK/DRAG the coins/bills to move them around

SCROLL the mouse to zoom in/out

MERGE items together by dragging one item into another of the same type

AMASS  as much money as you can, which boosts the rate at which more money spawns, and so on....

SOURCE CODE : https://github.com/foolmoron/BabyBenjamins


BabyBenjamins_Win.zip 19 MB
bb-mac.zip 36 MB

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